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Match Mountain now on iOS and Android!

Become the champion of Match Mountain by mastering a new genre of match-3 puzzle adventure game. The former champion of Match Mountain has become corrupt and the Allfather has chosen YOU to defeat her and become its new leader. Wield the Allfather's power to defeat the evil minions inside the mountain and dethrone the corrupted champion.

Match Mountain has had the honor of being featured by Apple as Game of the Day on several occasions. Check out what Apple had to say about the game here.


A different kinda puzzle game

A fun puzzle RPG that smashes elements from match-3 and other tile-matching games together to bring an action-packed adventure to iOS.


Level-up & find weapons

Gain experience with every battle and discover hidden loot chests as you match stones.


Just keep matching...

Match stones to unleash devastating attacks on to your enemies. You may even receive assistance from the Allfather on occasion!


Three game modes

Play through the Campaign and conquer the evil forces inside the mountain. Or put your skills to the test in Endless Mode. Or race against the clock in Time Trials.

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