Pushin' pixels that pop since 2019

Push Pop Pixels is an indie game studio started in 2019 by Bobby Rasmusson and is focused on small-scale yet ambitious games. Match Mountain is Push Pop Pixels' first publicly released game and is currently available on iOS and Android.

Prior to Match Mountain, Bobby developed two other mobile games: Street Puncher and Swifty Pixels. Street Puncher saw modest success but Swifty Pixels was an equally modest flop. With this experience as his motivation, Bobby spent nights & weekends designing, animating, and coding Match Mountain.

Match Mountain went on to being featured internationally by Apple and has been "Game of the Day" in the App Store on several occasions. Bobby started Push Pop Pixels as a dedicated effort to develop fun games for everyone.


Match Mountain is dedicated to the memory of Lois. Thank you, Lois, for being the best pup a boy could ask for. Rest in peace <3 <3